Public Works

The Sebeka Public Works Department provides essential services to our residents and businesses. Under the direction of Public Works Superintendent Tom Hoppe, the Public Works Department provides stewardship over the city's water, sanitary sewer, streets, buildings, parks, campground and cemetery.

City Of Sebeka Public Right of Way

Small Wireless Facility Aesthetic Requirements & Construction Criteria

Click on the link below to view the guidelines for Small Wireless Facilities

Small Wireless Facility Aesthetic Requirements

Consumer Confidence Report

This Consumer Confidence Report is published yearly for the Sebeka drinking water consumer, to present an overview of water quality during January 1 to December 31. Because the City ofSebeka is a drinking water supplier, the city is required by the federal Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) of 1976, as amended in 1996, to produce an annual report on the quality of its drinking water.

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